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    What Seniors Need to Know About Influenza

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The flu season is here once again. Though healthcare providers recommend that adults of all ages receive an influenza vaccination, seniors in particular are cautioned to get immunized each year. Given that this year’s flu has reached epidemic proportions across the United States, individuals 65 years old and older should not hesitate to get their vaccinations as soon as possible.

     Risks of Influenza

    Seniors are strongly advised to get a flu immunization for several reasons. First, the body’s immune system begins to deteriorate as part of the aging process. As a result, seniors are more likely to contract the flu than other demographic groups. Second, because of their compromised health, seniors are more susceptible to experiencing complications from the flu. Secondary illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia can often accompany influenza in older people.

    Protection from Influenza

    Seniors can choose one of two different influenza vaccinations. They may get the regular dose shot that is provided to other adults, or they may select the high-dose vaccination, which can potentially bolster their immune response. In general, healthcare providers recommend the high-dose immunization, but before you receive your flu shot, consult with a physician regarding the appropriate vaccination for your healthcare needs.

    Treatment for Influenza

    Nine out of 10 Americans who die from influenza are over the age of 65, which is why you should seek immediate medical treatment if you suspect that you have the flu. The flu can take its toll on even the healthiest individuals, so don’t assume that you can fight it off on your own. In some cases, doctors may administer antiviral drugs because older individuals typically experience more dire consequences when afflicted with the flu. If you’re not sure whether you have the flu, contact a healthcare provider to be certain.

    MountainView Hospital Las Vegas provides flu prevention and treatment services for patients in the greater Las Vegas area. To help determine if your symptoms indicate the presence of influenza, take advantage of our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system. When in doubt, call (702) 233-5474 to speak with a healthcare provider about your condition.

    Vote for MountainView Hospital as the "Best of Las Vegas!"

    Last updated 1 year ago

    We’re asking for your vote! The Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper is conducting its annual “Best of Las Vegas” readers’ poll over the next couple weeks. We know MountainView Hospital should win the designation as "Best Hospital in Las Vegas," so please take time to cast your vote in the readers’ poll. Make sure to tell your friends and family to vote as well!

    There are two ways to cast votes for the Best Hospital this year:

    1) Digital voting at

    Voting period- now through 2/03. To find the hospital category, use the “fill-in ballot”

    2) Filling out the print ballot and mailing it to the LVRJ by (the ballot will be distributed with the LVRJ on Sunday, 1/27)

    Voting period for print ballots is one week: 1/27 to 2/04

    What Are the Benefits of Taking a Childbirth Class?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The last trimester of pregnancy will probably be a busy time for you, because it involves significant planning and preparation before your due date arrives. At MountainView Hospital, we can take some of the stress and worry out of your pre-baby planning with our childbirth classes offered over a series of sessions to cover all the basics of labor and delivery, newborn care, and the final physiological changes you may experience in your third trimester. Below is a look at some of the distinct advantages of participating in this course.

    You can create a better birth plan

    During your childbirth classes, you will learn about labor techniques that may be incorporated into your birth plan. First-time parents can benefit from learning about what to expect during labor and delivery, and parents expecting their second or third child can see other options for their birth plans.

    You will get tips on preparing your home

    The first few weeks of your baby’s life will be tiring for you and your spouse, so it is best to stock your home with the materials and supplies you need for this hectic time. Your childbirth class can help you get your home ready and pack a bag for the delivery room so that your delivery is as worry-free as possible.

    You can get to know the birthing facility

    One of the greatest advantages of taking a childbirth class on-site at MountainView Hospital is the tour of the birthing facility that is included in your courses. Getting to know the place you will be giving birth will help you relax and feel more confident about planning for your baby’s arrival.

    Find more information about the MountainView Hospital Birthing Center in Las Vegas and why you should choose us for your delivery by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474 or visiting our website. With state-of-the-art facilities and health education for all stages of life, we can be your reliable source for healthcare for the whole family’s needs.

    MountainView Hospital To Open New Patient Tower

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Las Vegas, Nev. (January 2, 2013) – MountainView Hospital today dedicated its new three-story patient tower, the first phase of which includes a new Emergency Room and new Intensive Care Unit and new Medical/Surgical unit – all with private suites.

    The tower, at just under 85,000 square feet, will open in two phases. The first phase will open to patients January 7, and includes a new Emergency Room with 23 private evaluation rooms. A dedicated ER entrance and new waiting area will also open. The first phase also includes a new 12-bed Intensive Care Unit on the first floor and 32 new private Medical Surgical patient suites on the second floor.

    “We are very excited to start the New Year with a new state-of-art patient tower that allows us to provide compassionate care in a contemporary environment,” said Will Wagnon, CEO of MountainView Hospital. “We have experienced a significant increase in patient activity in our emergency room, with more than 50,500 people visiting our ER in 2012. As we continue to differentiate ourselves through our clinical programs, we expect that number to grow in 2013 as patients continue to choose us for their care.”

    Included in the new Emergency Room:

    • A “Fast Track” Care and Triage area to quickly assess patients by a dedicated triage nurse.
    • A new ambulance entrance to help emergency service vehicles quickly and efficiently bring patients to a waiting team of doctors and nurses.
    • A helipad conveniently located near the emergency room to help transport teams get patients into the emergency room quickly.
    • Expansion of our Accredited Chest Pain Program to include a rapid rule out chest pain for eligible patients that can be up to six times faster and help avoid unnecessary admissions to the hospital.

    The second phase will include renovations to the original ER. When complete in Summer 2013 and joined with the new ER opening in January, will almost double the size of the Emergency Room to 42 exam rooms. In addition, the third floor of the new tower will be built out with an additional 32 private Medical Surgical Patient suites and is expected to open Summer 2013. The new emergency room remains open and easy to access during this final phase of construction.

    With the January opening of the new tower, MountainView’s bed count will go from 253 beds to 291 beds. Upon completion of all phases of construction, the total bed count will be 339 beds. The new tower construction cost about $70 million.

    An additional $15 million in construction and renovations include an expansion of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit on the sixth floor of the hospital’s medical office building, as well as renovations to existing Medical Surgical rooms in the hospital’s central tower. The lobby, admitting/registration and cafeteria will also be renovated and will be complete Summer 2013.

    “We are fortunate to be part of HCA’s system of hospitals, which invests in our hospital, our people and our community,” Wagnon said.

    MountainView Hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center and a certified Primary Stroke Center.

    About MountainView Hospital:
    MountainView Hospital is a state-of-the-art, full-service medical facility located in the heart of northwest Las Vegas, one of the fastest growing areas in the Valley. With a dedicated and talented staff of employees and outstanding physicians, MountainView Hospital (MVH) is recognized for high patient satisfaction and for providing quality and compassionate care to our community for the past 16 years. The hospital is a member of the respected Sunrise Health System consisting of Sunrise Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital and several surgery and diagnostic imaging centers offering a complete range of specialized and technologically advanced services.   

    Comparing da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery and Conventional Surgery Techniques

    Last updated 1 year ago

    MountainView Hospital is proud to offer our robotic surgery program featuring the advanced technology of the da Vinci Surgical System, which is used for a wide range of surgical procedures in the fields of gynecology, oncology, and cardiology. Robotically assisted surgery has many benefits over conventional open surgery, and these are discussed in further detail below to help you understand why this surgical program is good news for our patients.


    Surgical risks

    Robotically assisted surgery only utilizes minimally invasive techniques, meaning that incisions are smaller than those used in conventional surgery and less healthy tissue is disturbed during the surgery. These changes to the surgical process allow for minimal blood loss and a lower risk for infection, which is a leading complication with conventional surgery.

    Recovery time

    Because the da Vinci System is designed to have minimal impact on the body while performing surgery, recovery is much quicker than with other surgical procedures. Many da Vinci surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, and patients are typically able to get up and walk within a day of surgery. Another benefit of the recovery process with robotically assisted surgery is smaller scars than conventional surgeries.

    Surgical accuracy

    The dexterity of the da Vinci System’s surgical tools and the enhanced view of the surgical site both allow the operating surgeon to work with greater precision than any other surgical procedure. While the system is operated by a surgeon, it has capabilities that surpass those of the human hand, so the chances for surgical errors are incredibly low. The da Vinci System is also equipped with redundant safety features to ensure that it is always operating with complete accuracy.

    Learn more about da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery and its uses at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas by contacting us online or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474. We are committed to equipping our facilities with the latest medical technology to remain on the forefront of excellent patient care in all medical specialties.

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