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    Southern Hills Hospital and MountainView Hospital Earn 'Top Performer on Key Quality Measures' Recognition from The Joint Commission

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Sunrise Health System’s MountainView Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital were named two of the nation’s Top Performers on Key Quality Measures™ by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of healthcare organizations in America. Both hospitals were recognized by The Joint Commission for exemplary performance in using evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve care for certain conditions, such as, but not limited to, heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care.

    Southern Hills has achieved Top Performer designation for three consecutive years. Of the 1,099 Top Performers hospitals, 182 have achieved this status for the past three years in a row.

    “I’m extremely proud that Southern Hills Hospital earned The Joint Commission’s Top Performer designation for three consecutive years, making it the only hospital in southern Nevada to earn this distinction,” said Kimball Anderson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Southern Hills Hospital. “Delivering the highest quality patient care and consistently focusing on patient safety are the priorities of our hospital. Our physicians and staff are trained to always elevate our patient experience each time, every time and this honor was achieved as a team.”

    “We understand that what matters most to patients at MountainView is safe, effective care. That’s why MountainView has made a commitment to accreditation and to positive patient outcomes through evidence-based care processes. MountainView is proud to receive the distinction of being a Joint Commission Top Performer on Key Quality Measures,” said Chris Mowan, CEO, MountainView Hospital.

    MountainView and Southern Hills are two of 1,099 hospitals in the U.S. earning the distinction of Top Performer on Key Quality Measures for attaining and sustaining excellence in accountability measure performance. Southern Hills and MountainView Hospitals were recognized for its achievement on the following measure sets: heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care. The ratings are based on an aggregation of accountability measure data reported to The Joint Commission during the 2012 calendar year. The list of Top Performer organizations increased by 77 percent from last year and it represents 33 percent of all Joint Commission-accredited hospitals reporting accountability measure performance data for 2012.

    MountainView, Southern Hills and each of the hospitals that were named as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures must: 1) achieve cumulative performance of 95 percent or above across all reported accountability measures; 2) achieve performance of 95 percent or above on each and every reported accountability measure where there are at least 30 denominator cases; and 3) have at least one core measure set that has a composite rate of 95 percent or above, and within that measure set all applicable individual accountability measures have a performance rate of 95 percent or above. A 95 percent score means a hospital provided an evidence-based practice 95 times out of 100 opportunities. Each accountability measure represents an evidence-based practice – examples include giving aspirin at arrival for heart attack patients, giving antibiotics one hour before surgery, or providing a home management plan of care for children with asthma.

    “Southern Hills Hospital and MountainView Hospital and all the Top Performer hospitals have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to quality improvement and they should be proud of their achievement,” says Mark R. Chassin, M.D., FACP, M.P.P., M.P.H., president and CEO, The Joint Commission. “We have much to celebrate this year. Nearly half of our accredited hospitals have attained or nearly attained the Top Performer distinction. This truly shows that we are approaching a tipping point in hospital quality performance that will directly contribute to better health outcomes for patients.” 

    In addition to being included in today’s release of The Joint Commission’s “Improving America’s Hospitals” annual report, MountainView and Southern Hills Hospitals will be recognized on The Joint Commission’s Quality Check website ( The Top Performer program will be featured in the December issues of The Joint Commission Perspectives and The Source.

    MountainView Hospital Expands Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

    Last updated 1 year ago

    MountainView Hospital is pleased to announce the opening of the second phase of its Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. The expansion doubles the size of the unit to 35 private beds with private bathrooms.

    The 15,000-square-foot expansion includes 17 new private rooms with private bathrooms and a new, larger patient dining room. Additionally, construction included updating and expanding the rehabilitation gym, as well as a new occupational ADL suite where patients relearn the activities of daily living. A centralized reception area to connect the east wing and new west wing of the unit was also added.

    “Since opening the first phase in 2011, we have had overwhelming support and feedback from the community and our patients,” said Chris Mowan, MountainView CEO. “This expansion allows us to care for more patients who are in need of rehabilitation services.”

    The rehabilitation unit offers a caring, team approach with professional expertise in the following:

    • Neurological Rehabilitation
    • Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
    • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
    • Post surgical cardiac/pulmonary/thoracic rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries
    • Rehabilitation for amputations
    • Stroke Rehabilitation

    MountainView Hospital Earns 2013 HealthInsight Quality Award for Excellence in Patient Care

    Last updated 1 year ago

    MountainView Hospital was presented the 2013 HealthInsight Quality Award for demonstrating high quality health care and excellence in performance on publicly reported quality of care and patients’ perception of care measures.

    The HealthInsight Quality Award acknowledges hospitals that achieve high levels of performance on the care related to the publicly reported quality measures:

    Heart attack

    • Fibrinolytic medication within 30 minutes of arrival
    • Statin prescribed at discharge
    • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) within 90 minutes of arrival

    Heart failure

    • Assessment of left ventricular function
    • ACE inhibitor for left ventricular systolic dysfunction
    • Discharge instructions


    • Appropriate initial antibiotic
    • Blood culture before first dose of antibiotics

    Surgical Infection Prevention

    • Preventative antibiotic(s) within one hour before surgery
    • Appropriate preventative antibiotic(s)
    • Preventative antibiotic(s) stopped within 24 hours after surgery
    • Cardiac surgery patients with controlled blood glucose post surgery
    • Patients on a Beta Blocker prior to arrival who received a Beta Blocker during the perioperative period
    • Surgery patients whose urinary catheters were removed on the first or second day after surgery
    • Treatment to prevent blood clots within 24 hours before or after selected surgeries
    • Doctor ordered treatments to prevent blood clots for certain types of surgeries

    The clinical topics measured for the awards have been designated as national healthcare priorities by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

    In addition to publicly reported quality of care measures, hospitals that qualified for the HealthInsight Quality Award performed well on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) measures. HCAHPS is a national survey that asks patients about their experiences during a recent hospital stay.

    HealthInsight commends MountainView for its commitment to excellence in improving patient care,” said Marc Bennett, President and CEO of HealthInsight.    

    The HealthInsight Quality Award program was launched in September 2004 to promote transparency in health care. According to the Institute of Medicine, transparency in health care means a system that is “accountable to the public, works openly, makes results known, and builds trust through disclosure.” By using available quality data to identify high performing providers and publicizing the results, HealthInsight aims to help providers improve health care and help patients become more active and informed participants in that care.

    “The staff at MountainView is dedicated to providing the very best in patient care and our efforts have been enhanced through our quality improvement collaborations with HealthInsight. We are proud to be a recipient of this distinguished award,” said Chris Mowan, CEO of MountainView Hospital.

    To learn more about MountainView, visit

    Hear About Recent Research In the Genetics of Cancer

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The fight against breast cancer requires the expertise of many individuals. This video explains how one researcher is doing her part to combat this disease.

    Susan entered the field of medical research because of a dual interest in medicine and education. After being part of a cancer study, she decided to devote her energies to exploring the link between breast cancer and heredity. Her goal is to find more data that can help women educate themselves. With accurate information, women can determine if they should undergo clinical examinations or mammograms more frequently or at an earlier age for breast cancer detection.

    For the entire month of October, MountainView Hospital is offering $75 mammograms for women in the greater Las Vegas region. To schedule your appointment, call (702) 233-5474.

    Your Guide to Early Breast Cancer Detection

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Breast cancer is a disease that can continue to grow without medical intervention. The longer it has to spread in the breast and body, the greater are the lengths that may be needed to treat it. That’s why MountainView Hospital encourages women in the greater Las Vegas community to take initiative to detect the signs of breast cancer before the disease can cause greater harm.

    Monthly Self-Examinations
    An integral step in the fight against breast cancer is monthly self-examinations. This at-home routine involves a visual and manual inspection of the breasts. Women of menstruation age and older should conduct this type of evaluation at the same time each month. By giving oneself a breast examination on a consistent basis, breast tissue traits become more familiar. In the event that a cancerous growth should develop, a woman who has been doing her self-examinations may more easily detect a problem.

    Annual Clinical Examinations
    Physicians also recommend yearly examinations performed by a doctor. A woman may know the individual characteristics of her breast tissue, but a physician has the training to detect known breast cancer symptoms such as hard lumps under the skin, abnormal discharge from the nipple, and breast pain. Should a doctor find any of these conditions, he may advise further testing to determine the cause.

    Regular Mammograms
    Mammograms can provide physicians with detailed images of the breast tissue, which may or may not reveal masses lying below the reach of manual touch. A mammogram can also offer greater insight into the traits of a mass detected by a self-examination or clinical evaluation. As with a clinical examination, what is found from the results of a mammogram may prompt a doctor to order a biopsy or additional testing to see if a suspicious growth is breast cancer.  During the month of October, MountainView Hospital is offering $75 Screening Mammograms.

    Let MountainView Hospital help you take control of your breast health. Whether you are due for a clinical examination or mammogram, we can help. To set up an appointment at our Las Vegas-based hospital, call (702) 233-5474 today. We also encourage our patients to use our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system for more information about our services and physicians. 

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