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    Essential Back-To-School Food Safety Tips

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Sending your kids to school with homemade lunches can ensure that your children are eating nutritious foods. However, any number of circumstances can make those wholesome lunches a danger to your kids.

    Temperature regulation for packed lunches is essential for the wellbeing of your children. If you intend to pack refrigerated items, make sure that they stay cold until it’s time for them to be eaten. Providing your children with insulated lunchboxes, which can keep contents cool for several hours, can help in ensuring the safety of their meals. For added protection, include a small ice pack that will help maintain appropriate food temperatures. It’s also important to remind your children to wash their hands thoroughly before each meal, including lunch, to help prevent the spread of infections.

    The H2U program offered by MountainView Hospital provides helpful tips for achieving your best health. To find out more about this important preventive health publication, call (702) 233-5474. You can also visit our website to learn more about our healthcare services for the greater Las Vegas region.

    How Robotic Surgery Can Reduce Your Stress over Prostate Cancer Treatment

    Last updated 10 months ago

    A cancer care specialist may recommend surgery for some men with prostate cancer. Though it is an effective mode of treatment, traditional surgery may produce unwanted short-term and long-term complications, which can cause anxiety in some men. That is why MountainView Hospital offers robotic surgery alternatives to reduce stress for our prostate cancer patients. Continue reading to find out more about this prostate cancer treatment option.

    Less Pain

    Surgery necessitates incisions to access the treatment site. However, incisions can cause trauma to skin, muscle, and nerves. Incisions also come with the risk of infection, which can increase postoperative pain. Robotic surgery typically requires incisions that are far smaller than those necessary for traditional surgical procedures. With smaller incisions, our robotic surgery experts can significantly lower the occurrence of pain among our prostate cancer patients.

    Faster Recovery

    Incisions take time to heal. When skin, muscles, and nerves experience less trauma, though, they can repair themselves faster. As a result, prostate cancer patients who undergo robotic surgery tend to heal faster than those who receive conventional surgical treatment. Faster recovery often means a quicker return to home and work.

    Fewer Postoperative Side Effects

    Some men may hesitate to undergo surgery for prostate cancer because of the risk of urinary or sexual complications the procedure can present. Traditional surgical techniques can sometimes increase the chances of postoperative incontinence and sexual dysfunction among prostate cancer patients. However, prostate cancer patients who undergo robotic surgery can rest assured that the risk of these postoperative complications is far lower with this treatment alternative. Many patients who receive robotic surgical care for prostate cancer go on to enjoy normal urinary and sexual function as well as a cancer-free future.

    Is robotic surgery the right choice for you? MountainView Hospital can help you choose the appropriate treatment measures for your health needs. Call (702) 233-5474 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse associate about your robotic surgery questions. You can also visit our website for more information about our robotic surgery options.

    Managing Sickle Cell Disease during Pregnancy

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Women with existing medical issues must often take special health precautions when they become pregnant. Individuals with sickle cell disease are no exception. This condition impacts the form and function of blood cells, making it more difficult for them to travel throughout the cardiovascular system and provide oxygen to the cells of the body. MountainView Hospital urges women with sickle cell disease to take advantage of our prenatal services for both their own health and that of their babies.

    Maintain Healthy Lifestyle Practices

    Doctors often encourage their expecting patients to establish or continue healthy eating and exercise habits during pregnancy. For women with sickle cell disease, taking care of their health is imperative for several reasons. Because of their condition, expecting mothers with sickle cell disease may experience more prenatal complications. By taking all available steps to maintain their nutrition and physical fitness, sickle cell disease patients can reduce their chances of suffering from these problems.

    Consult with Your Physician Often

    Pregnant women without any chronic health conditions might see their physicians about once a month until they go into labor. Sickle cell disease sufferers may want to consider making more frequent visits to their doctors. A physician can often detect subtle health changes that a patient might otherwise attribute to being pregnant. With early identification and treatment, expecting mothers with sickle cell disease can often avoid serious health complications.

    Talk to a Genetic Specialist

    For the health of their babies, women with sickle cell disease should also weigh the benefits of speaking with a genetic specialist. If a woman and her partner both carry the gene for sickle cell disease, their child might have the condition as well. A genetic specialist can determine prior to birth if the disease is present in the baby, and if so, what additional precautions may be necessary to protect his or her health.

    September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. If you would like more information on this disease, call MountainView Hospital at (702) 233-5474. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives are available around the clock to help Las Vegas residents with their most pressing healthcare problems. 

    Learning to Communicate with Loved Ones Suffering from Aphasia

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Do you know someone who is a stroke survivor? This video explains how to communicate with individuals suffering from aphasia as a result of stroke.

    The key to effective communication is remembering three easy rules. First, ask straightforward questions. If possible, pose questions that require only a one-word answer. Second, give your loved one ample time to process your question and provide a response. Third, give your friend or family member your complete concentration as he answers your question. Being an attentive listener can greatly enhance your interactions.

    MountainView Hospital offers stroke care services for the residents of Las Vegas. For information on our stroke treatment options, call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5474.

    Helpful Tips for First-Time Dads

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Are you expecting a bundle of joy this summer? Given the comprehensive role that mothers have in carrying, delivering, and feeding their babies, some fathers might feel less than helpful during those first few months. However, you can be an integral part of your newborn’s life if you communicate with your partner. Though you may not be able to birth your child, you can make the process easier for your partner. Ask ahead of time what she needs for a smooth and comfortable delivery. Once the baby arrives, discuss how you can aid in feedings by providing pumped breast milk or formula via bottle to your newborn.

    You can also rely on your hospital’s maternity department for help. Inquire as to what classes it might offer for expectant parents. By taking these courses, you can become better acquainted with what your role will entail as a first-time dad.

    MountainView Hospital offers multiple prenatal and postpartum classes for moms and dads in the greater Las Vegas area. Visit our website today to view our upcoming schedule. You can also call (702) 233-5474 to speak with a hospital representative about our classes.

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